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Ready set show
September 17th, 2013 9:54 AM
Your agent should be your advisor on how to stage your home.   I have seen pictures with dishes in the sink, shoes on the floor , clothes spread around, etc.   When looking at pictures, these is a distraction from the house it self.  Follow these few tips for showing and staging your home. 

1. put all medications out of sight. That box on the counter may be convenient for you but it also leaves them open for everyone to see
2.  Do not leave your jewelry out on the night stand.  It is pocketable.  Agents are with the      buyers at all times but it only takes a second if it is easily accessible
3.  Clear off all counters.  They will show better without all the clutter
4.  Out of siet out of mind for everything you do not use daily.
5.   Bathrooms show best without towels hanging around and shaving cream in a cabinet not on the counter
6.  Take a box and walk around your home clearing off everything extra laying around
7. Clean the cob webs
8  clean the windows , if the sun is shining  the windows can be a show stopper
9.  If you have a bread maker.....use it....bake bread
10.  A lot of loan options today do not allow chipping and peeling paint .   Fix that as to not eliminate any potential buyers because of the type of loan they are using.

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Posted by Carol Foltz on September 17th, 2013 9:54 AMPost a Comment

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